Curator - Kwame Asiedu

Hi Everyone! My name is Kwame Asiedu and I am a writer, project manager and a ​trainee sex and relationships coach with Somatica Institute. I care about intimacy, ​feelings and relationships and believe that our greatest job on this earth is really to ​feel, All The Feels.

Why All The Feels Conversations (ATFC)?

I come from a family & community where I did not hear men express their feelings ​and as an adult I’ve always struggled to talk to men, especially about my and their ​feelings. The result, when confronted with heavy feelings in relationships I can go ​silent, go into ‘mental storms’ where thoughts cycle around, and withdraw from the ​situation.

So I’m on a mission to speak to 100 men around the world, about how they feel on ​the topic of relationships.

I want to showcase men around the world finding strength in sharing our feelings for ​ourselves, others and our collective mental health.

Honest conversations encouraging

men to truly feel

Men, why do we struggle to express our feelings?

  • Ideas of masculinity?

  • Pressure to be strong?

  • Homophobia?

  • Childhood experiences?

  • Fear of losing control?

Expression lives here

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For yourself, others and our collective mental health

‘You just cannot show weakness no matter how bad you're feeling. So there's your true self and there's the self you show ‘

32, Leeds, Married, Monogamous, Heterosexual

‘I have a lot of mixed feelings about masculinity,.., I profess to be a revolutionary matriarch which denounces patriarchy..’

44, New York, Father of two , Polyamorous

I’'ve always had a pretty good relationship. With myself. Because I've always been an introspective person’

32, Accra, Single, Heterosexual

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This podcast is about masculinity, emotional expression and ​challenging harmful narratives on socialisation, perceptions, and ​behaviours that promote negative mental health, disconnection and ​the breakdown of intimacy in relationships.